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Our ancestors grew, foraged, and utilized various herbs for healing - mind, body, and spirit. We wanted nothing less for the community of health conscious individuals so we sought out the best suppliers for our organic ingredients. We've created flavor enhancing combinations taught to us by those who knew the true nature of the benefits of such ingredients that also add beneficial herbs and spices to your diet with our all natural seasoning blends.


Our Story

We needed a way to honor the memory of our ancestors and what better way to create lasting memories than at a table loaded with fresh, healthy foods. That's the momentum we hope to build with Uncle Nitty's products. We've created this household product as a way to ensure his name and legacy live on.  Specific blends such as the Wing Seasoning and Mom's Lasagna were created especially for our beloved brother, Uncle Nitty, who braved the disease of Sickle Cell before leaving us with his love for chicken wings and lasagna. We hope that through foods cooked with our seasonings, you too will create memories that will be shared throughout your own families for years to come. 


Our Mission

To provide education and awareness around the need for healthy eating around a table and to further raise awareness to the disease of Sickle Cell Anemia.

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K. Jordan, New Jersey


"I bought the creole  seasoning on a whim, but it immediately became a staple in our home!"

Lina, Greenville NC


"I am not usually the type to get excited about spice, but I cannot get over how good the creole seasoning is. I'm hooked! Chef Tonia has taken her culinary talents to another level by creating something for the home cook."

Rodney, Connecticut


"I used the mass-market version of seasonings for years, but the flavors blended together in Uncle Nitty's products made it an easy choice to support on a regular basis.

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